If you haven’t yet heard of semi permanent make up where have you been?

It’s fast becoming the must have beauty treatment existing apart from everything else because of it’s wonderful benefits.

However, this is a serious procedure and it must be carried out in the correct manner, by the right person in the right environment.

Before we get into that, we should just talk about why you should take the dive and have this kind of treatment.

Semi permanent make up is also known as micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing, and in basic terms the procedure involves the process of tattooing your make up on, and is used to enhance your Eyebrows, Lips and Eyes.

It’s a great procedure.

The benefits are incredible and this procedure is actually life changing for many ladies.

Some of the benefits include:

Efficient – no compelling reason to worry about 霧眉 applying your make up everyday.

Put your best self forward at all times – As your make up is permanently on you simply look great all day and night

Confidence boost – If you are worried because maybe you over culled your eyebrows as a teenager, permanent cosmetics can work wonders for you, and you will no longer feel self-conscious about your brows any longer.

Medical – This can also be used for to assist with medical conditions, for example: if your eyelashes do not develop because you suffer from a certain condition that prevents them from growing, an eyelash enhancement method can be used to make it appear as if you have eyelashes.

Alright – Now you know some of the great benefits of using this great beauty procedure, how about we talk about why you shouldn’t attempt this at home.

The reason is…

It’s a procedure that needs to be carried out in a controlled and clean environment for safety reasons, you should be relaxed and the technician needs everything to hand to ensure you get the ideal results you are looking for.

And, as mentioned above – your permanent cosmetics is a serious procedure and will be on your face for many, many years to come.

So, do not attempt this at home, you may wind up regretting it and it could be dangerous.

Choose a completely qualified, completely experienced technician who can carry out your procedure in a clean and safe controlled clinic that specializes in semi permanent make up.