There are so many claims as to how one can go about making real income online. Cyberspace is flooded with a myriad of software, programs and automated systems offering all manner of revenue generation promises. The “Average Joe” would be reduced to tears if they were to factor in the stringent recipe for success presented by these claims. If I came to you and said, in order for you to make money from the internet; you’d have to build websites, acquire thousands of emails for your list, have a hundred thousand monthly unique visitors for Google ads, or write an amazing eBook that is competitive with the thousands of other ones already out there. You would most probably be defeated in spirit. Not that the above methods will not make you good money, but they are the most difficult routes with the steepest competition.

Many times I would say to myself; “There has got to be a simpler, unique and more immediate way to make money from the internet.” Unfortunately, I too had my fair share of the daunting requisites presented by some of these offerings. I had to go the long way round, before I finally arrived at this point I want to talk about today. Before I get into the nitty gritty, allow me to help bust some myths about this sacred cow called “Making money online”.

Firstly, earning a consistent and substantial income only will not happen in a few hours, a few days or even a couple of weeks from when you put your plan to action. A lot of marketers use this bait almost every time, with the anticipation of catching new fish. There will always be someone new to the shenanigans of internet marketing and promise of immediate return on investment or profit. Regrettably, it is not the case. Even your tools of trade like domain registration, etc, is not automatic. So how do you imagine you would immediately attract buyers and make sales, when it takes average of 48 hours for your website name to propagate?

Secondly, the hype about how little or no time GCLUB input will give you the results of more than a realtime average month’s pay baffles me. Plain and simple. Making a success online requires work. It may not be as is required in the real world, but it still requires effort. What people are not told is that the key to success is dedication and consistency. Those two words right there to me, spells “W-O-R-K”.

I could easily carry on de-mystifying how money is made online, but that is not my objective here. However, there ‘s one factor very critical to success on the internet that I must mention… and it is not just in building a list. Although, if you plan to own a website, you must factor in list building for the successful monetisation of traffic to your site. The all important key I am talking about here is, building a portfolio of virtual assets. Content, pure and simple. Although you will have to know how to do this with the right tools and mentorship. Adding to that, a systematic increase of your asset will see you reaping dividends for years to come.